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In October 2018, Nadine Gerspacher and Nicolas Ricchini initiated the first activities of the program FRE3 BODIES. Fourteen dancers, selected through an audition that took place in June 2018, began took their first steps in the program that wants to be a bridge to professional life. Throughout the program, in addition to the supervision of Nadine Gerspacher and Nicolas Ricchini, the dancers have met with local, national and international artists who directed different modules:


- Johann Pérez (freelance filmmaker and member of La Cerda), leader for the module "Camera and body"

- Hannes Langolf (choreographer, performer and assistant director at DV8), leader for a workshop contemporary dance technique

- Jorge Crecis (PhD and choreographer), leader for a contemporary dance technique workshop

- Anna Fontanet (independent creator), leader for the workshop "Give words to the movement"

- Putxa & Karen Julieta (dance company, puppets and Mimo Zero in Conducta), leaders for the "Street Arts and Non-Conventional Spaces" workshop

- Olga Alvarez (director of the company LaTaimada), leader of the workshop "Performance and Arts Visuals"

- Marion Castaillet (director of the French company Brotha From Another Motha) leader for a contemporary dance technique workshop

- Buba and Agnès (artists of urban dances and contemporary dance), leaders for a workshop contemporary dance technique

- Jonathan Sanchez (French artist) leader for a contemporary dance technique workshop



In February 2019, the result of the "Stage Creation" module was released during which three guest choreographers created three pieces of approximately twenty minutes; creating a full one-hour program. For this first year, the invited choreographers were Vero Cendoya, Diego Sinniger and Kiko López. The program of the three pieces, titled "Pilot Project" received a wonderful welcoming from the public that highlighted the versatility of the dancers as well as the great quality of the creations.


This year, we have received the support of L'Estruch de l'Ajuntament de Sabadell, Center Cívic de La Barceloneta, Federació d'Asociacions Socio-Culturals Espai 30, Varium - Espai de Moviment, The Maldà, The Orlandai House, The Elizalde House and The Cultural Center of Sarrià.