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On 1st September, and after many months away from the studios, we were so glad to welcome again part of our 19/20 cast to complete an exceptional two-months experience in order to make it up for the time lost due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We’ve focused our first weeks on getting the bodies back into shape and reconnecting with the movement and the dramaturgy of the pieces, as well as looking for some new material.

We were glad to welcome again to the studio 11 of our dancers from last year to finally bring onstage ‘Las Otras Viudas’ by Nadine Gerspacher at the MAC Festival - Les Festes de La Mercè 2020 at Hospital de Sant Pau in a beautiful setting for two performances.

We opened the MAC Festival with a creation by Nicolas Ricchini created specially for the occasion on the captivating music of MBODJ.

During the last week of September, Casa Elizaldé hosted a very special site-specific version of ‘Las Otras Viudas’ which was performed twice on 30th September.

We thank Art District - Varium, Danceschool and La Casa Elizadé for having us and we’re looking forward to the month of October which will kick start the 20/21 edition of our program in Barcelona.


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