We are very excited to be launching the first edition of our new program FREE ROOTS.​


​​FREE ROOTS was born from the necessity to respond to the need of young professionals who seek out consolidating their training, technique and movement practice. 


Focused on approaching a wide range of techniques and contemporary currents, FREE ROOTS wants to help solidifying skills, preparing the participants to the very demanding physical requirements of dance and opening up to the current dance techniques.


What is FREE ROOTS made of?

Over the course of eight months and a half, the participants will encounter technical classes of ballet, yoga, contemporary dance, partnering and physical theatre on a regular basis. 


In addition, during the creative laboratory, they will also have the opportunity to approach the worlds of local, national and international dance teachers. 


Finally, the program also will give an overview of creative processes with two guests choreographers: Nadine Gerspacher and Jonathan Sanchez. There will be also an opportunity for them to create by themselves in the “partnering module”. Upon the end of each creation, the participants will share the result with an open rehearsal, in preparation for their final performance on 3rd June 2023.


Who are the guest teachers and choreographers?

For the season 2022-2023, the program will welcome guest teachers and choreographers Nadine Gerspacher, Ombline Huvelle, Robert Russell, Jonathan Sanchez, Nico Ricchini, Jasper Narvaez, Maëlle Omnés, Danae & Dionysios, Carla López, Arias Fernández, Julien Rossin, Camille Lejeune, among others.

The direction of FREE ROOTS reserves the right to modify the list of guest teachers and choreographers if necessary.

How do you differentiate FREE ROOTS from FREE BODIES?

We have encountered many dancers over the past few years who were willing to focus rather on exploring more techniques and widen their movement practise. To respond to this need, we’ve designed a program that underlines the training aspect focusing on workshops and a variety of guests.


FREE ROOTS will hold the same standard as FREE BODIES in terms of expectation and accountability of the participants. Thus, we do not consider it as a preparation for FREE BODIES: their professionalism and rigor will be ​required, as much as in our youth company program. FREE ROOTS responds to another necessity for the young professionals.


Do the two program interact?

FREE ROOTS and FREE BODIES, despite being led by the same organisation, are separate and independent programs. They will not interact with each other on a daily basis. Artistic encounters might happen on a very punctual basis, most likely in the frame of a performance.


Start date: 26th September 2022
End date: 3rd June 2023
Schedule: from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 am to 16.30.
10th September 2022: from 10.00 to 13.00 at Tanz Halle, Freiburg, GERMANY (apply by 8th September)
20th September 2022: from 10.00 to 14.00 at Freezone, Barcelona, SPAIN (apply by 16th September)
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