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FREE ROOTS emerged in response to the needs of young professionals seeking to solidify their training, technique, and movement practice. Focused on embracing a broad spectrum of techniques and contemporary currents, FREE ROOTS aims to help participants consolidate skills, prepare for the demanding physical requirements of dance, and explore current dance techniques.

What is FREE ROOTS composed of?

Over the course of eight and a half months, participants will engage in regular technical classes covering ballet, yoga, contemporary dance, partnering, and physical theatre.

Additionally, the creative laboratory offers the opportunity to connect with local, national, and international dance teachers. The program also provides insights into creative processes through interactions with two guest choreographers. In the "partnering module," participants have the chance to create their own work, culminating in an open rehearsal before their final performance in early June 2024.

How does FREE ROOTS differ from FREE BODIES?

In response to the desire of many dancers to explore more techniques and expand their movement practice, FREE ROOTS focuses on training through workshops and diverse guest sessions. While maintaining the same standards of expectation and accountability as FREE BODIES, FREE ROOTS is not considered a preparation for FREE BODIES. Professionalism and rigor are equally required, akin to our youth company program, as FREE ROOTS addresses different needs for young professionals.


Do the programs interact?

Despite being led by the same organization, FREE PULSE, FREE ROOTS and FREE BODIES are independent programs that do not interact on a daily basis. Occasional artistic encounters may happen, most likely in the context of a performance.


For the season 24/25

Start date: 30th September 2024

Finish date: 31st May 2025

Schedule: 09:30 - 16:00

Structure of a typical day: The day starts with an-hour-and-a-half class (ballet or yoga) followed by two hours of technical class (partnering, contemporary dance or physical theatre), followed by a two-hours laboratory for creations and workshops.

Number of hours per week: 30 hours

Fee: 4.700€ (+ 500€ administration fee)

- Participants will enjoy complimentary access to the three spaces in FREEZONE spaces until 6:00 p.m. daily.

- All current-year participants are eligible for complimentary enrollment in LATE PRO TRAINING sessions.

- Additionally, participants of the current year will benefit from discounted rates for AfterNOON CLASS and our monthly WORKSHOP Guests hosted at FREEZONE.

- Participants of the current year will also receive complimentary admission to the monthly Jams organized by FREEZONE.

- Throughout the duration of the program, participants will have access to all audiovisual materials produced, including photographs captured by Aurélie Veyrat.

Upon completion of the course, participants will receive a Certificate corresponding to their program. This certificate will detail attendance hours, instructors, and any projects completed during the course. Please note, individuals who are absent for 20% or more of the scheduled teaching hours without valid justification will not be eligible to receive the certificate.

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