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We are overflowing with deep gratitude for the profound impact that Varium has had on countless generations of dancers, dance enthusiasts, and professionals in Barcelona. The members of our team have not only been witnesses, but also active contributors in Varium's remarkable journey. Anna, Xavier, and most recently Robert have been pivotal figures, leaving an indelible mark on the minds, bodies and artistic expressions of numerous artists in Barcelona. Their influence has guided individuals along transformative paths, molding them into the artists and the unique individuals they are today. Our hearts resonate with immense appreciation for the invaluable contributions they have woven into the vibrant tapestry of the dance community in Barcelona.

Motivated by their dedication and supported by their encouragement, we are thrilled to introduce our latest initiative, FREE PULSE. This program is specifically designed for young and aspiring dance professionals who are eager to refine their techniques and nurture their artistic sensibilities. FREE PULSE aims to provide essential and foundational movement techniques while also fostering the artistic growth of the dancers. In doing so, our goal is to carry forward Varium's empowering legacy, blending it with new and innovative ideas to continue supporting the upcoming generations of dancers, movers, and dance professionals. We eagerly anticipate embarking on this exciting adventure with all of you.


FREE PULSE caters to young, aspiring dance professionals eager to enhance their technique and awaken their artistic sensibility. The program is dedicated to imparting essential and foundational movement techniques while also fostering the artistic growth of participants.

What classes does FREE PULSE offer?
Over eight and a half months, students engage in a comprehensive training regimen that includes contemporary dance, floor work, partnering, yoga, ballet, physical theatre, and weekly creative workshops. Additionally, every month, dancers have the opportunity to delve into specialized areas such as rhythm, composition, dance theatre, and other specific movement techniques, led by local, national, and international dance instructors.


How does FREE PULSE differ from FREE ROOTS and FREE BODIES?
FREE PULSE is tailored for dancers with an intermediate to advanced technique, aiming to broaden their artistic horizons. The program sets different expectations in terms of technique and artistic preparedness compared to FREE ROOTS and FREE BODIES.

However, a commitment to professionalism, potential, and strong rigor is equally required, aligning with the standards expected in FREE ROOTS and FREE BODIES.

Do the programs collaborate?
Despite sharing the same organizational umbrella, FREE PULSE, FREE ROOTS, and FREE BODIES operate as distinct and independent programs. They do not interact on a daily basis, with artistic encounters being rare and typically occurring within the context of a performance.


For the season 24/25

Start date: 30th September 2024

Finish date: 31st May 2025

Schedule: 09:30 - 15:30

Structure of a typical day: The day starts with an-hour-and-a-half class (ballet or yoga) followed by two hours of contemporary dance class (floor-work/acrobatics or other techniques), followed by a two-hours laboratory focusing on partnering, repertory, creative laboratory, partnering and improvisation.

Number of hours per week: 25 hours

Fee: 4.300€ (+ 500€ administrative fee)

- Participants will enjoy complimentary access to the three spaces in FREEZONE spaces until 6:00 p.m. daily.

- All current-year participants are eligible for complimentary enrollment in LATE PRO TRAINING sessions.

- Additionally, participants of the current year will benefit from discounted rates for AfterNOON CLASS and our monthly WORKSHOP Guests hosted at FREEZONE.

- Participants of the current year will also receive complimentary admission to the monthly Jams organized by FREEZONE.

- Throughout the duration of the program, participants will have access to all audiovisual materials produced, including photographs captured by Aurélie Veyrat.

Upon completion of the course, participants will receive a Certificate corresponding to their program. This certificate will detail attendance hours, instructors, and any projects completed during the course. Please note, individuals who are absent for 20% or more of the scheduled teaching hours without valid justification will not be eligible to receive the certificate.

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